About Grace Academy

Mission Statement

The mission of Grace Academy is to offer all children, regardless of their learning style and ability, the opportunity to be successful in their education, to explore their God-given talents, and to reach their potential.

Statement of Philosophy

Grace Academy offers “Excellence in Christian Education” as an alternative to the existing public and private educational programs in the Northern Kentucky area. The school is not affiliated with nor does it adopt the tenets of any particular religious, political, or social group. Instead, Grace Academy serves as a model of Christian unity for the family, church, and community. The school provides a program of excellent academic education in an atmosphere that makes Christianity a natural, practical, and enjoyable part of life.

Grace Academy is not an exclusive or elitist institution; it exists for every student whose needs can be met by the school. It strives to make its educational program available and affordable to all. The doors of Grace Academy are open to every family regardless of social, economic, educational, ethnic, religious, or political backgrounds. Grace Academy encourages this diversity in backgrounds as a practical means to a better education for all and as a practical demonstration of Christian oneness, love, and respect.

The students of Grace Academy are being taught by loving, creative, Christian teachers who are guided by the curriculum to provide a solid foundation and to build upon this foundation with innovative, individualized, and ability-based instruction. The curriculum is based on learning theory that: (a) allows an appropriate depth and breadth of learning, (b) results in the mastery of basic skills, (c) encourages individual creativity, and (d) appreciates the individuality of each child and the special characteristics and talents that God has given to him/her. Hence, the school strives to take students from where they are and to help them develop their God-given talents and reach their God-given potential.

Grace Academy seeks to provide our students with the academic and spiritual preparation that is necessary for them to fulfill the will of God in their lives.